Legend has it that the Dragon was an Elven curse, but nobody knows for sure. Veron, the first city of the Veronii, was laid to waste by the creature. Contemporaries describe it as being so large that ' could wrap its neck around the tip of one mountain and its tail around the tip of the other. When its wings came over the land, trees were felled and buildings toppled...'

The monster made its way down south, tearing apart city after city as it went. Desperation set in, and many considered submitting to the elves in order to save their lives. It was only when the creature reached Triar that it met its match. Baseel, lesser son of a lesser family, challenged it in the field. Using caves in the rocky foothills, he drew the creature further and further into the deep crags and tight rock-spaces by taunting it and fleeing. The enraged beast wedged itself into the old rock, bringing about an earthquake as it struggled to break free. Before the creature could fell the mountains that had caught it, Baseel climbed its shaking neck and opened a vein. The blood was enough to form a lake for a thousand years, which only disappeared because of the rain.
Baseel was hailed a hero, and his glory was so much that he was given the throne of three city states and declared Emperor Basil Dragonsbane. Thus began the Imperial era.