The Capisons are an old family, but not one of Veronii origina. Their homeland -Cappizond- was conquered in the early days of the Empire. When the King of newly fallen Cappizond surrendered, the country was rushed into the Empire and a lesser branch of the Cappizondi royal family was given governorship.
Before the conquest, Cappizond was a sparsely inhabited mountain land. They people lived off cheese and spent their days tending flocks in the foothills of the jagged Cyklopean mountains and their core. Ancient tales told of insular tribes forcing a living out of the rock and worshiping a stone dragon. A young warrior was born into this world, and befriended the giant Vultures of the tallest crags. Riding on one of these beasts, he slew the stone dragon and was named King.
The modern Capisons pale in the image of the first king on his feathered mount. They are a pale family; known to fall ill more often then most, especially in the chest. They are often considered attractive in their youths, but age takes them quickly. Most outsiders consider them cold and harsh, as even their women have a martial air about them.
At present, the Capison family is headed by Anton; a childless man in the middle of his age. He presides over the Triarii - City Guard of the Imperial Capital - where he is an active member in politics.
Other members of the Capison family have been given important rolls, particularly in the military. Cleson Capison, a young man barely out of adolesence, commands one of the many legions that push the Empire further to the north.