Dragon by chevsy-d48brse
Dragons are a varied species, with some coming in forms as small as cattle, while others can be so large that they dwarf mountains. The most famous dragon is that which attacked the Veronii before the birth of the Empire. Legend says it was sent by the elves, but little more then prophecy serves as proof of this. Baseel, lesser son of a lesser family, challenged it in the field. Using caves in the rocky foothills, he drew the creature further and further into the deep crags and tight rock-spaces by taunting it and fleeing. The enraged beast wedged itself into the old rock, bringing about an earthquake as it struggled to break free. Before the creature could fell the mountains that had caught it, Baseel climbed its shaking neck and opened a vein. The blood was enough to form a lake for a thousand years, which only disappeared because of the rain.