Seltre Region
Possibly the most populated area outside of Elora Major, the Laurel Region holds hundreds of cities, the largest of which are printed on their regional map.

Laurel HistoryEdit

Laurel's geography was mainly responsible for the profit settlers made. The freshwater trout was an excellent source of river fishing, as they rapidly reproduced and each one caught could feed a family of four. The saltwater Bass, a bigger, more aggressive fish, had other uses. The Bass did not taste as good as the Trout, as it was tougher and very bland. The Bass was caught and processed for oil. Laurelian Bass Oil has made it's name as the highest quality fish oil.

The region also has fertile soil, which has made agriculture another profitable business.


Cylisaea is one of the most populated cities in the Empire, with only the capital city, Triar, in front of it. Cylisaea, a city known for it's prosperity and great ale, is a fisherman's paradise. The city currently has around 740,000 residents, a number that is rapidly increasing. The city is responsible for many of the advancements in science and technology, including telescopes, a crude form of Ibuprofen, and the crossbow (assuming the crossbow has not been invented yet). Cylisaea was also the birthplace of the Grand Duchess Annabelle, along with her smaller daughter ships, the High Princess Juliet and the Greater Mistress Charlotte. 

Cylisaea also housed the Maiden Victoria in her reconstruction, which was finished on (specify date) and rechristened two days later.


A processing city isolated from most of the other major cities, Saverick, which was once responsible for 80% of the Bass Oil, is now a hub for black market traders and those who have chosen to avoid the Empire. Almost a year ago, the city had a booming population of 580,000, but that number has plummeted as law enforcement has slowly slipped away. There is little hope for this now 130,000 city that is more of a graveyard than it is a city.


An educational city, most of the scholars of the Empire have gone to a Torunic Academy. Needless to say, the city is mostly populated by wealthy persons who seek a city in which those of similar financial statuses gather and celebrate over their millions. Torunic citizens care little about the outside world, and generally come off as snobs. However, the scholars that leave Torun are probably the most intelligent people in the Empire. Torun has a population of 210,000, most of which is students and teachers.