Omari is an old holding situated not far from Veron and bordring Ferenizi.  A land of vast costal Olive and Teak forests Omari was once known as the "White Coast." A name derived from the great white cliffs of Omarn and the cities and towns scattered around the wooded land that were made almost exclusively from the limestone.

Roughly one hundred and twenty years ago Omari was ruled by several powerful houses, foremost among them were the Hurns, or the great Stonemasons.  Controlling the limestone export and its mining the Hurns also proved to be great architects and rose to power.  This balance of houses was upset by the rise of the Mozarti family around this time. Shipbuilders and woodworkers the Mozarti quickly ascended to power with close ties to the Hurns.  One hundred years ago the Mozarti and Hurns proceeded to eradicate the other houses in Omari, in this time much of the lands history was lost in the brutal destruction of entire family estates through the event that came to be known as “The Mozarti Massacare.”  Eventually the Mozarti and Hurn would intermarry, and the single Mozarti family name came to rule Omari.  The massive docks and shipyards built by the Mozarti at Omarn proved to cause the whole provice to be rethought, its common title changed from “The White Coast” to “The Great Shipyards of the East.”

Omari stands as a small area with immense potential.