Continental Officer

A wealthy shipping company CEO, a knight on a shining vessel, or a mass murderer? 


Phillip Seltre was born into family of ship crafters. His family belonged to a guild responsible for constructing and selling commercial ships from a small town known as Tetheral. From a young age, Phillip watched the discoveries of the Basilean explorers, and carefully studied the history of Basilea.

By age 21, he was convinced he was going to be a seafaring trader, as the Empire had several islands, making sea trade very profitable. Phillip's vessel, the Maiden Victoria, had successfully made 374 voyages across the Empire, with enough money to last a man for the rest of his life. Phillip did not stop there, however. He founded his own company, Seltre Trading Corporation, which mainly conducted business in the western islands and Elora Minor.

The Seltre Trading Company was a perfect target for pirates and raiders. As a result, defenses were supplied on the Seltre vessels, which usually repelled the occasional pirate ship. It was for this reason the next event came as such a shock.

The Maiden Victoria left the harbor of Cylisaea with ten tons of valuable goods, intended to be delivered to Harvstad, a town located on the east coast not too far from Triar. Somewhere off the coast of Isali, the ship was attacked by pirates. The vessel, ill-equipped for combat, was easily overcome. The Maiden Victoria was spotted by an Isalian fisherman. The ship's goods were stolen, and the crew slaughtered. The attack on the Maiden Victoria enraged Phillip, not only because the ship had been his pride and joy, but because his brother was among the confirmed dead.

Acting outside of the law, the Grand Duchess Annabelle, a warship commanded by Phillip himself, led a ten-ship hunt for all and any vessels not affiliated with the Basilean Empire. Before they were stopped and apprehended by the Basilean navy, 59 pirate ships were destroyed. Instead of being arrested, the Basilean navy demanded that a small percentage of his captured goods were to be given to the Basilean government. Humbly agreeing, Phillip hunted down another 14 ships before returning to Elora Minor to continue his life.

Samuel Graven, the head of a small exploration and science corporation, entered the Seltre Trading Corporation's picture shortly after the “Grand Duchess's Revenge”. His proposition was 40% of the overall profit the Graven company would obtain if they were allowed to use Seltre vessels in their explorations.

The companies merged, and the Seltre-Graven name was found all over the Empire. From telescopes to warships, the Seltre-Graven Combine became a big name in sea travel.

The Maiden Victoria is scheduled to be rechristened and lead a 3-ship expedition south.

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